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May 18 2011

A Versatile Vehicle

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Many people I know tend to think French cooking is difficult, and they are particularly intimidated by its sauces. I see no reason to shy away from them, as the basic technique for making sauce is essentially fool-proof: combine butter and flour, cook, add liquid, bring to a boil while whisking until it thickens, and [...]

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May 15 2011

What Would Alice Do?

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One of my colleagues keeps hens (eleven of them); a fortunate result of this is that at this time of year, he has a bounty of eggs that he sells to those who ask. The hens enjoy an enviably bucolic life in a quaint village in the Hudson Valley and are free to roam around [...]

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May 11 2011

Pancakes for Dinner

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This one is just a quick midweek idea. When the thought of breakfast for dinner sounds great, but having something starchy and sweet isn’t your idea of a real meal, try something new and healthy. Since summer is around the corner, and supermarkets are starting to show us something more than broccoli and bananas in [...]

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