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Feb 02 2014

Cauliflower Bisque

Published by Christine under Lunch,Soups

If anyone asks, tell them cauliflower is officially my favorite year-round vegetable. Truth be told, there are few vegetables I do not care for (green peppers are a nemesis of mine), but of all the ones left to choose from, cauliflower wins. It’s available year-round (unlike tomatoes, for example, which are really sad-looking in the [...]

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Jul 25 2012

The (Not So) Naked Lunch

Published by Christine under Lunch,Vegetarian

Brace yourselves, the Reds are coming! Well, technically, not the Reds, but the purple. Purple, earthy orbs that people typically forgo at the farmer’s market (but not yours truly!). They may look unappealing, but for taste and overall health-appeal, they can’t be beat. What are they? Even though they are easily one of my favorite [...]

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Jun 08 2011

Quiche Me, Darling

Published by Christine under Fish,Lunch

As you faithful readers might remember, I made some cedar-planked salmon recently that was so good I had to gush about it on this very blog. The beauty of that meal was that I had made enough to last for a while, and because salmon is one of these things that can be recycled into [...]

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