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Sep 09 2012

Pizza maison

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Who doesn’t like pizza? Let me rephrase that: who doesn’t like good pizza? Personally, I’m not a big fan of the huge, floppy, meaty, oil-dripping, overly cheesy slices one gets at most pizza parlors. But I do like a well-made pizza, cut into human-size pieces that do not fall apart, with lots of fresh and [...]

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Sep 03 2012

Vin de cerisier, 1ère partie.

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Right on the heels of my post on plum vodka comes another homemade apéritif, which will probably have some of you wonder if The Flexitarian Cook hasn’t suddenly become The Dipsomaniac Cook. Fear not. It simply is that the season lends itself to the making of such, because of the availability of the needed ingredients. [...]

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