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May 29 2011

A New Toy

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In Paris, street food is, to my mind, a tad more exciting than hot dogs ‘n kraut. A crêpe (very thin pancake), filled with anything from crème de marrons (chestnut cream) to Nutella or cheese, is a more likely find. Watching the vendors quickly spread the batter, flip a crêpe and fill it before wrapping [...]

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May 25 2011

Soupe à l’Oseille

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Another quick midweek thought, what with all those beautiful greens I bought over the weekend. After making those wonderful dumplings on Sunday, I still had a bunch of sorrel and watercress left. So today, because the weather was still this side of awful, I thought soup was in order. I recently wrote about a beautiful [...]

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May 22 2011

Found My Thrill At Blooming Hill

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You know how it goes: you’re talking with some friends, and the next thing you know, you’re up to your neck in watercress. No? Okay, let me back up a bit. Two of my girlfriends invited me to join them for a bite to eat yesterday at The Farm, as it is known around here. [...]

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