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Apr 27 2011

C is for Challah (That’s Good Enough For Moi)

Published by Christine under Breads

Baking is not my favorite thing to do in the kitchen (I’m more of a savory kinda girl), but bread is an exception. I love the time it takes to make, the delayed gratification, the organic chemistry lab feel of the kitchen during the process, the smell of yeast, the sensual softness of the dough. [...]

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Apr 22 2011

A Seder To Remember

Published by Christine under Soups,Sweets,Vegetarian

Our family is a Judeo-Christian, Franco-American cultural blend. In practical terms, it means that we celebrate Jewish and/or Christian holidays (whether celebrated here or in France) as an excuse to bring family and friends together. We enjoy the warmth and tradition associated with these get-togethers, but we do not necessarily stick to the letter of [...]

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Apr 16 2011

The Bad Girls Book Club

Published by Christine under Vegetarian

I’ve been a member of the Bad Girls Book Club for a few years now. It is comprised of six of us, sometimes with an additional guest member, and we meet every 6 to 8 weeks or so. It used to be every month. Then we realized that half of us either hadn’t read the [...]

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