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Mar 30 2011


Published by Christine under Kitchen renovation

Yes, finally. The kitchen is done, and those long promised pictures are here. I can hardly express how much work all of this was, 99% of it done by my partner in crime. He has scars that bear witness to that long and arduous process; a very big thank you is in order. We started [...]

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Feb 20 2011

Reno 911

Published by Christine under Kitchen renovation

As the renovation progresses, I thought you might like to see a few new pictures of The Kitchen, and tell me what you think of the job so far. All that is left at this point is installation of a granite countertop and tile work on the walls. This has been a busy week, and [...]

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Feb 02 2011

New Kitchen

Published by Christine under Kitchen renovation

What sort of person would start a food blog at the same time as a kitchen renovation? Certainly not a very pragmatic one. It does help to have a working stove and oven in order to be able to cook the meals that one wishes to write about. I personally would laugh at such silliness, [...]

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