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Jan 30 2011

Moroccan Delight

Published by Christine under Vegetarian

“Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.” Rick certainly drowned his bitterness in a fair amount of gin in Casablanca. This fabulous Bogart movie, mostly set in the coastal Moroccan town of the same name during WWII, tells the story of Rick and the beautiful [...]

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Jan 26 2011

On Lentils and Other Important Things

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My friend Sheryl moved to California last August. We celebrated her decision to climb the corporate ladder a few rungs in true girlfriend fashion, along with Jaye (the other member of our triumvirate), with champagne and tissues. It’s never easy to part with people who mean a lot to you, even if it’s not as [...]

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Jan 23 2011

Pancakes 101

Published by Christine under Breakfast

Once upon a time, the four of us took a three-week camping trip through the Canadian Maritimes. Starting with Fundy National Park in New Brunswick (where we hiked through a moss-covered forest to a stunning waterfall on our anniversary), we traveled through Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia before taking a ferry back to Maine [...]

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