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Jul 21 2012

Struttin’ With Some Barbecue

Published by Christine under Meat,Sweets

  Satchmo? Check. Spare ribs? Check. Sweet tart barbecue sauce? Check. Hot grill? Check. Everything’s in place to create a memorable Saturday feast with some good friends. Those of you who regularly read this blog know what we have recently been cursed blessed with a large crop of delicious plums, and that I have been [...]

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Apr 11 2011

The Carnivore Inside Me

Published by Christine under Meat

It all started when our friends accepted our dinner invitation, and our vegetarian daughter was going to be out for the evening. What’s a flexitarian to do? Sure, I could have stuck to a meatless dinner plan, but why? The beauty of eating a mostly plant-based diet is that occasionally, you get to indulge in [...]

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