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Dec 31 2014

Time to Quiche 2014 Goodbye

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I have been ignoring you. All of you. That’s what it must look like, from the other side of the screen where you are seated, reading this blog post. I wish it were that simple. It’s not that I haven’t been busy cooking (I have), or that I don’t love my readers (I do!); it’s [...]

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Aug 14 2012


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A quick post, for a quick, classically Italian tomato and bread salad. The inspiration came from an America’s Test Kitchen show on PBS that I caught while on vacation in Cape Cod one slow morning. I just had to make it. It captures summer perfectly, in my view.   Panzanella Keep in mind that this [...]

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Apr 16 2011

The Bad Girls Book Club

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I’ve been a member of the Bad Girls Book Club for a few years now. It is comprised of six of us, sometimes with an additional guest member, and we meet every 6 to 8 weeks or so. It used to be every month. Then we realized that half of us either hadn’t read the [...]

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