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Jan 19 2011

It’s Chicken Time, Y’All

Published by Christine under Poultry

I blame John Irving, mostly. Years ago, as I was reading The World According To Garp, I felt drawn to descriptions of food that had me both intrigued and hungry, and definitely distracted me from the rest of the story. One of them was for a salad that called for strips of roasted red peppers. [...]

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Jan 16 2011


Published by Christine under Vegetarian

You would love my friend Mary. She’s kind and thoughtful on top of being über smart and funny. She’s the best American speaker of French that ever was (move over, Paul Auster), and the two of us enjoy quite a bit of Frenglish together. Most of all, she is the kind of cook that could [...]

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Jan 12 2011

Les Pois Chiches

Published by Christine under Vegetarian

I think that in a previous life, I must have been Asian. I just can’t get enough of Indian and Middle Eastern foods: the spices, the vegetables, the grains, all brought together in an amazing variety of flavors, colors and textures. Hmmmm…. Sorry, having a moment here. Anyway. It’s their use of legumes that I [...]

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