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Aug 17 2012

A Woman’s Prerogative

Published by Christine under Sweets

A few years ago, I found a recipe for a blueberry coffee cake on Chocolate & Zucchini that I absolutely loved. For a long time, it was my son Adam’s request for his birthday, and it was always perfect. However, this is the thing about perfection: it doesn’t last forever. A little reinvention is what’s [...]

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Aug 10 2012

Them There Eyes

Published by Christine under Sweets

I’ve said before that I am not a baker. Give me any kind of soup, or savory sauce, or vegetable concoction, and I am happy and comfortable making those. Cookies and cakes, however, I find more challenging. So why is it that I’ve found myself baking tarts, cakes and cookies so often lately, when, on [...]

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Aug 06 2012

I Am That Merry Wanderer Of The Night

Published by Christine under Sweets

It’s midsummer, and it’s fruit season. Luscious, juicy, ripe, sugary fruit. Right now, peaches and blueberries are everywhere, and other than eating them by the bowl- or handful, we can also turn them into the most decadent desserts. The two flavors pair up wonderfully well. I happened to have had some peaches at home from [...]

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